Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Character Design_Grace and the Shadow

These are the character designs for my senior film. The main character Grace is a old lady who lives in isolation. She uses to be a famous circus performer in the 60s. Grace is ashamed of her appearance as an old lady. So she is always grumpy, sad and refuses to go outside. The shadow clown is an illusion of one of Grace's coworker at the circus. They were friends but lost contact years ago. The shadow's character is opposite of the old lady. He is active,  playful and some time annoying. The shadow helps the lady to regain confidence and embraces her past and present.

One big challenge for me is to make young Grace and old Grace look like they are the same person. I still have a lot to do with these two people. Two weeks left for this semester, scary  : - O

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