Thursday, February 2, 2012

Poses in Maya

The mesh is called Max. Creating poses in Maya is easier and quicker than drawing poses. I will keep on doing this.






Monday, January 30, 2012

Set Design-Duality

This is for a set design class. This apartment I designed is for a person who has multiple personalities. Two people, a woman and a man, lives in a male body. They each have their territories. The person is Dave, the engineer, at day time and Rachel, the party animal at night.
The entrance.

The bottom picture is how the room and the person would be framed on screen.

And I designed hidden elements to fit his personalities

Dave's room.

Rachel's room with a shot of her in her temporary looking closet.

Tell a joke in one (maybe two) drawing- Gag

Greating gags is fun but really hard. Most of the things have been told. Creating a funny one is challenging but I absolutely enjoy it!
My kid has a pet.

Mermaid at the gym.
Magical gym part 1

Magical gym part 2.

Centaur exercising.

Medusa doing yoga.

Poseidon visiting gym.

The reason shower room is always packed.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Gesture Drawings- Pirate

Gesture drawings from last year. I draw differently now.

Character Design Homework

Homework from my character design class. Enjoyed that class but I should have work harder...  :-(
Lotus Fairy

Mutant Boy

daily object as a Character

not a good one -.-

The girl who rides the dophine.

More about her.

politicians are Sharktopus.

Post cards = Fun!

I did these post cards as new year gifts for my friends. I animalized according to their characteritics. Hopefully they will like them :-) It's going to take a while for these card to get to China from Oakland.

Here is not Gukopei.

It's from a short story I read about two girls go to a isolated village. It's written by a popular Chinese writer and I love his work. While I was reading, images keep popping out of my head. I had to get out of my sketch book and catch one before they all vaporize. This describes the scene when they arrives at Gukopei station at midnight.

Chinese Year of LONG (dragon)

This year is the traditional Chinese year of dragon. I didn't put much though into this. Rendering is not my strenth. Well, I just want to have some fun and not worry about school for a minute. 2011 was the year of rabbit. Mr. Dragon goes to work!