Monday, October 1, 2012

Grace and the Shadow_beat boards

These are the messy and quick beat boards for my senior film. There are still some awkward moments that I will think about later. I hope all the boards read. Please tell me if there are shots that you don't understand, it's gonna be soooo helpful to me. Thanks :-D

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Grace and the Shadow --rough draft

This is my rough draft of my senior film. It's a little too long now. I will keep working on the story. (I hope my format is ok...First time writing a script :- 0)

Grace and the Shadow

Outside of a bright colored circus tent, night. Lively Music playing in the background.

Cut to the interior of the tent.
A girl in shimmering costume stands on the stage next to a magician. The magician covers the girl with a big piece of cloth. When he pulls away the cloth, the girl is gone. The audiences gasp in astonishment. The spot light moves up and reveal the girl is now on a trapeze. The audiences clap and cheer. The girl does a series of movement on the trapeze and jumps on to the other one. The audiences cheers loudly and toss flowers into the air. 

Cut to a close up shot of a gray hair lady waking up in her bed.
The old lady signs, and sits up. She glimpses at the photo on the nightstand.
The focus shifts on to the picture. The trapeze girl is on the picture looks glamorous. 

Cut to Grace. She puts the in the drawer and closes it firmly. Grace rubes her face with her wrinkled hand and sign again. 

Cut to a wide shot of Grace’s house. Graces comes outside tightly wrapped up in her shawl and dragging her grocery cart. 

Cut to Grace walking on the street. A young and good-looking lady passes by Grace, Grace glimpses at her and clutches her shawl tightly. 

Cut to Grace opens the door of her house with a cart full of grocery. She looks up and sees a clown shaped shadow on the wall. Graces stares at the shadow with an open jaw and doesn’t know what to do. The shadow appears to be at home and jumping up and down, go traveling surfaces and juggling with different things. Grace runs up and tries to grab the items angrily, but the shadow has no intension to stop.  

Cut to a big old-fashioned closet. The clown swings it open and reveal the shimmering costume and all the other props and items from the past. Grace can’t stand looking at them. She cringes in pain and turns away. She looks up, and sees the clown is in front of her fiddling with her magic props. Grace runs towards him, and he ducks and runs outside and drops a prop, a handkerchief, on the street. 

Cut to the exterior of the house. Grace stands at her door staring at the handkerchief. She looks around make sure no one is around and step out of the house carefully. She walks up to the handkerchief and bends down. A small hand picks it up and hand it to her. Grace looks at the innocent boy slowly relax. She takes the handkerchief puts in her palm and when she opens her hands, it has turned into a rose. The boy’s face lights up and claps his hands. Grace is surprised by the boy’s reaction. She is touched by the boy’s laughter and her face lights up as well. 

Cut to Grace waving at the boy on the porch. She goes back inside, and stares at what once was a forbidden area. She touches the things in the closet softly as if she is petting them. A thought comes cross her, and she pulls out a box and start to stuff her old props into it.

Cut to the exterior of the house. The next morning, Grace carries a large box of her old items and put them in her yard. The colorful things attract kids. Grace waves at the kids and invites them in. She teaches them magic tricks using the props.

The sun is setting and Grace has given all her old stuff away. She picks up the empty box and goes back inside. She finds the shadow is waiting on the wall. The shadow walks inside of the empty closet and closes the doors. Grace opens the closet; there is nothing but a photo. On the photo are the young Grace and her colleges in front of the circus tent. She flips it over and there is a phone number. Grace picks up the phone and the picture dips into black.