Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Character Design Update_Grace and the Shadow

Hi everyone, how’s going? I have made changes on my story as well as the character design for my senior film. Now the characters are Grace and her shadow. My idea for the character is that Grace used to be a playful and outgoing person when she was young, but after years of isolation she becomes pessimistic and sorrowful. Making young and old Grace look like the same person is a bit of challenge for me. The story is going to be one day old Grace’s shadow transforms into the shape of her young self, detaches from her  and helps her to reconnect with the world again. I still have to do a lot more sketches to show the young girl’s liveliness, she is too shy right now. Pleas tell me what you think, and what I should change to make her better. Thank you, and have a great evening. :-D