Sunday, August 24, 2014

More on the One Minute Short---Not Over, Not Yet

After studying animation, I realized how long one minute can be. This one minute short roughly equals to four month of work. It is an individual project.I did every part of the production from character design to animation to final composting. It's my final project in the computer animation program at Sheridan College.

The idea of the short is roughly based on my idea for the interstitial assignment which was too complicated for a 10 second short. It started as a gag that a serious condition turns out to be a joke.

However, as I worked more and more on it, I added more dynamic elements to the characters and the situation. Firstly, it's a story about the weak fights the strong. The ant stops running away and challenged the bully. Even though the situation seemed hopeless, the most unexpected thing happened and the weak wins. I don't want to be talking in a preaching tone of voice "We must be strong and fight back." but rather provide a little bit of encouragement to those who are stuck in a what seems to be hopeless situations. As the Chinese people say "
山穷水尽疑无路,柳暗花明又一村" which roughly translate to "after climbing endless mountains and crossing many rivers there seems to have no way out, but after walking pass some willow
 trees there is what you are looking for."

I put in a lot of effort into this film but I really enjoyed the process. I ran into lots of problems, but every problem was solved. These problems are not enemies but rather teachers. Because of them, I know so much more now. Hope you like it.


Character Design

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